Counter fire


☆Enjoy 3D shooting Game on your Android~!!☆

WARNING! New control in GTA 4!
New added two types of video soldier!
New Vision and video control!
Added new maps!
Recomended android 2.2 and above
WARNING! New video controls game!
WARNING. New version game Counter Fire v1.4.8.5 !!!
added 2 types of game controls
NEW added map de_nuke!!!
added new maps dust2 aztec and secret room!!!
added new maps dust2, dust, aztec and more
NEW added a new weapon grenade, rpg, m3super90, m16, ak47, knife!!!
added new soldiers!!!
Multiplayer game on the server adds a new map!
WARNING. download NEW PAK !!!

Based on the classic ' Counter Strike ' game.
Command Network multiplayer games.
Set of levels as for single mission so for network game.
Huge choice of the weapon for task performance.
Cool and great 3D graphics.

New pak file
1. Create a folder 'counterfire' in the root of your sdcard and also create a 'basefire' folder inside it.
2.Download the pak.pk3 and copy pak.pk3 to counterfire/basefire.

Counter Fire is 3D FPS Survival typed Game on your Smartphone!

☆Enjoy 3D shooting Game on your Android~!!☆

How to Play!
1. Play Game and Select control by pressing menu button on smartphone.
☆ Tip : It is usual to Select "Touch Screen".
- Keybord + incline forward(If qwerty pad, it's good to use qwerty or please use G-sensor)
- Touch Screen(please use virtual controller on the bottom of screen.)
(If pressing touch screen, touch typed joystick will be shown on each side of screen)

2. You can play game by pressing starting button after menu button)
- When you start the game, you can select sound option by checking.

3. You can select difficulty of game when pressing "play game".
- There are 5 levels on difficulty of game from Easy to Extreme.

※ You can play the game after downloading 50MB of game file.
(Please use Wifi if you don't subscribe data charge rate by your mobile operator.)

★Select Weapon★
-There is button to select weapon on right side of screen.
However, at the first time, there is no weapon on the shelf.
You can gain the weapon when you enjoy Game.

Let's have fun 3D FPS Game!

※If you can not download the game file, please try to download it through the link as below and restore it in counterfire/basefire folder of SDCard.

Support the project PLEASE put 5 stars PLEASE on adndroid market. Thanks.

Last Updated:2011-09-18 14:21:02
File size:5.29MB
OS:Android 2.2 and up